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World Marathon Challenge, Jan 21-Feb1



World Marathon Challenge, Jan 21-Feb1

The No.1 destination marathon: 7 Marathons, 7 Continents, 7 Days

When it comes to ‘destination marathons’ why not tick a whole lot of boxes in one event? Over 7 days. On 7 continents. The ultimate marathon journey? You better believe it!

The runner behind this event is no newcomer to adventure marathon running or the seven continents. Irishman Richard Donovan has run all over the world, recently running across the US. He also holds the “unofficial world record” for the 7x7x7 at 4 days 22hrs 3 minutes, all done while flying commercial airlines in economy class.

Drawing on his own experience Richard then put together this extraordinary challenge of conducting an official event, which takes place over 7 days, on 7 continents:

Antarctica (Union Glacier)

South America (Punta Arenas)

North America (Miami)

Europe (Madrid)

Africa (Marrakech)

Asia (Dubai)

Australia (Sydney)

The clock on the 7x7x7 begins ticking when the first marathon in Antarctica begins. Runners fly into the Union Glacier, deep within the Antarctic Circle, to start this extreme challenge. Once the first marathon starts, you have 168 hours to reach the finish line in Sydney!

Runners run a standard marathon course in each event, although there is the option to complete the 7x7x7 Half Marathon Challenge. In all instances, local courses have been designed and measured in line with international standards for marathons.

Runners will spend about 59 hours in the air and cover 38,000km. Jet lag and sleep deprivation are to be expected and temperatures may fluctuate by up to 50°. While fatigue might wrack your body, your senses are stimulated beyond belief in the ultimate adventure marathon.

The winner is determined by adding the 7 marathon times together and the runner with the fastest combined time is recognised as the winner. David Gething, of Hong Kong, won this year’s inaugural race with an average marathon time of 3:39:26. Australian Doug Willson was second overall and completed his series of marathons with an outstanding 3:17:11 to be first over the line in Sydney. Krishna and Uman Chigurupati become the first couple to complete the World Marathon Half Challenge.

In and Around

As you can imagine there is no time for sightseeing in this adventure marathon. And yet you will see more of the world than you ever thought possible in a 7-day period. As all runners know, one of the best ways to explore a city is to pull on your runners and get out there. In this case you’ll be getting out there on every continent on earth…. the concept is mind boggling and the challenge is unbelievable, even for the most ardent adventure runner.

At the Union Glacier you will be accommodated in tents but following this luxurious start, accommodation is within the confines of airline cabins and catering is limited to meals served on plastic trays. The good news is that flights are in business class.

You will get to experience Sydney in the final event and you will also experience the camaraderie of likeminded (some might say somewhat kooky) runners. Bonded for life by the ultimate running challenge.

Getting There

The World Marathon Challenge commences in Punta Arenas which is serviced by the major South American Airlines. Return flights from Sydney are serviced by all the major airlines with regular flights daily.

How to Enter

RunFun Travel is an Official Travel Partner for the World Marathon Challenge, the only event to offer the opportunity to run 7 marathons, on 7 continents, in 7 days. The entry fee is €32,000 and places are limited. The 2016 event will be held from 21 January to 1 February 2016.

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