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Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series - Race 6; Centennial Park – 14km, 7km, 4km



Event date: 22/10/2017 Export event

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team offers a 7-race series at popular Sydney running venues in 2017 for your enjoyment, fitness and self-transcendence. Most events include races over 3 distances:

* Short (2 miles – 5km)
* Middle (7km – 10km)
* Longer distance (14km – 21.1km)

Race 6; Centennial Park – 14km, 7km, 4km.

Alongside New York’s Central Park and London’s Hyde Park, Centennial Park is one of the truly great urban parklands, affording that perfect blend we all yearn for: the peace and satisfaction of Nature in proximity to city comfort and amenities. Few places in the world can boast such a perfect locale for running so close to the CBD.

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