Welcome to iRun.org.au, Australia's recreational running hub.

At iRun we connect runners to races.

iRun.org.au is a dedicated resource from Running Australia, aimed at continually promoting recreational running in Australia. This website will provide race directors and the hundreds of thousands of participants with information and tools on the Australian recreational running scene.

At iRun.org.au you'll fine a comprehensive national race calendar, stories, race reports, running advice, blogs from coaches and athletes, historical results, sponsors offers and plenty more to come.

Who we are

The iRun brand was created in 2011, to foster a community of recreational runners in Australia. As the face of Running Australia, established in 2001, iRun provides professional support and insurance to race directors and a running community for race participants and the recreational running community.

By engaging social runners of all levels we are able to support them to get to the start line in better shape than their last race.

iRun members are part of a national recreational running community accessing information on nutrition, training, injury prevention and more.

With over 400,000 runners as part of our running community we offer our members:

  • Monthly e-newsletter
  • Nutrition and hydration information
  • Coaching and training tips
  • Injury Management and physio information 
  • Exclusive member only offers and so much more